Metro Fire Protection Services,Inc


 24 Hour Service Response

 Every Division


 If you're a Metro Subscriber   You Know We'll be There

 If you're not  but need service  Its a good time to meet

 Don't Hesitate to Call     772-288-0615

 many issues may be resolved over the phone

 Trouble can happen anytime day or night, weekends, and holidays

  Metro has trained responders to restore and repair your problem

  Be it a sprinkler leak, a smoke detector trip, a range hood cleaning

 gone bad, or a security system issue, Metro gets you back in service

            As a subscriber of a Certificated Fire Alarm System

 the fire code requires a qualified responder to arrive within two hours

 for Alarm and Supervisory signals, and four hours on Trouble signals

 to initiate restoration, repair, or investigation of the abnormal signals

  5PM-7AM or weekend dedicated service rate is 1.5X, 3hr min, travel may apply

 "We're On the Way"

Metro Fire Protection Services, Inc.

1501 SE Decker Ave -  Unit 522

  Stuart, Florida 34994

(772) 288-0615

 (888) 297-0615  Fax: (772) 288-5122

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