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 Automatic  External  Defibrillator

 A E D

 When your subscribers ask for additional services you strive to provide the best.

 It was that way with AED devices. Metro's Extinguisher Division took on the job,

        researched the market, the performance, and the maintenance needs.

   They picked a winner, Zoll came out on top across the board !

 What made Zoll the best choice for us can be said in three words :

                Quality        Performance       Dependability

 What makes Zoll the best choice for you can be said in four :

        Quality        Performance       Dependability      Metro

       The best product on the market from a reliable local dealer

 who already performs your vital life safety checks throughout the year

   with Quarterly Protection and Semi Annual Suppression Inspections

 American Red Cross

             AED is intended as a lifesaving device for immediate response to SCA

          Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) claims an estimated 350,000 lives each year

      It can happen to  Anyone    Anytime    Anywhere    Any age













                Immediate Action is Required or Death can occur Within Minutes

        The average response time for first responders once 911 is called is 8-12 min

   For each minute defibrillation is delayed, chances of survival is reduced approx 10%

  • call for assistance
  •  start CPR
  •  use an AED

 Defibrillators provide an electrical shock to restore a victim's normal heart rhythm

 Automatic External Defibrillators  are designed to monitor, instruct, and determine

 if a shock is needed, when correctly used by people not having first responder skills.

  •  Semi Automatic devices prompt the user to press the Shock Button
  •  Automatic will deliver the Shock when needed, usually with a countdown
  •  Fully Automatic are designed for these stressful situations by hesitant users



  Features you should consider when selecting, and pricing, a new AED :

  • CPR Help -  AED  feedback and instruction on compression depth & rate
  • Pads - need replacing in 3-5 years, come in adult and pediatric versions
  • Shock Waveform - biphasic decreases energy need, reduces tissue damage
  • Escalating Energy - delivers each successive shock with higher energy
  • Non Escalating Energy - same shock level on each successive application
  • Pediatric Capable - save to use on children with this option activated (varies)
  • Prompt Type -  use instructions can be audio, text screen, lights, combo of ...
  • Batteries - life cycle, type, capacity, weight, size, cost, replaceable
  • Upgradeable - can you do it yourself without additional expense
  • Warranty - typically 5 years on the unit, varies for accessories, varies in coverage
  • Training - available from the vendor, on line, the Red Cross, or local health depts.

 ZOLL features you should consider when selecting, and pricing, a new AED :

  • CPR Help - Zoll can tell you "push harder" , a metronome keeps you on pace,
  •  Pads - Zoll pads have the longest shelf life in the industry, simple replacement
  •  Shock Wave - Zoll uses Rectilinear Biphasic Waveform, less shock-more efficient
  •  Energy -  Zoll current is automatically adjusted based on body impedance,                          current - not energy - not duration is what defibrillates
  •  Pediatric - Zoll optional pads for children, automatically adjusts the energy
  •  Prompts - Zoll uses both audio (28  clinical voice prompts) and text screen
  •  Batteries - Zoll uses ten 3V Duracell 123 Photo, available everywhere,

     easily replaced, long lasting (5yrs ), low cost (under $25 for all 10)

  •  Upgrades - Zoll uses IbfraRed via a USB connection to your computer

     to perform feature Upgrades and Software corrections easily

  •  Warranty - Zoll has 7 years, 5 when purchased and 2 additional when registered

 Additional the Zoll Plus can :

  • Audio Record data available for playback
  •  use the device cover for heck support
  • non-clinical voice prompts for battery reset, non-rescue mode, and comm link

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