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  Metro Fire Sprinkler, Inc. is rooted in Commercial fire sprinkler installs and service.

 In 1984 when Ron Lee and Don Parks incorporated they already had years of

 experience to base a successful business of their own. It is this foundation and the

 subsequent success of adding quality people, reliable vendors, and expanding

 services in commercial fire protection that has made Metro the smart choice today.


 "In House"

  Engineering - Consultation - Fabrication - Modeling - Design

    Installation - Testing - Service - Monitoring - Renovations

 Proudly providing protection to outstanding companies like...

Ian Davis - Chairman Rolls Royce writes on Corp Longevity  as published in McKinsey Quaterly Sept 2014


In my observation, organizations that successfully adapt over multiple product and innovation cycles demonstrate a number of characteristics, in addition to the foundational requirements of sustained ambition and competitiveness, These companies demonstrate :


  • relentless focus on their customers...
  • engage their key suppliers to solve problems...
  • understand broader trends outside their own organization...
  • challenge legacy thinking and legacy mind sets...
  • focus relentlessly on values and constantly demonstrate why they matter

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