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    Metro Fire enjoys the privilege of exceptional in-house engineering

 capable of providing informative consultation on Building Image Modeling (BIM)

 coordination, water supply analysis, Florida Adm Code documents (FAC 61G-32),

 local AHJ navigation, and completed "signed and sealed" shop drawings.

 Before any pencil is put to paper, or any wrench is turned contact Metro Fire

 talk with an experienced professional about what you want, what you need,

               and how to achieve your goal with minimum "surprises".

In-House means In-Control - the basis for any consultation is the ability to forecast events as they play, not as they are presented.




  • Metro's knowledge and history has uniquely qualified our department managers to discuss and plan projects effectively
  • Metro's vast resources and long term vendor relationships merges job planning and customer expectations
  • Metro's experience and capabilities allows scheduling and pricing to conform to target dates and budgeting
  • Metro's personnel and training delivers the best team with the latest information to get started on ideas of any size

 Knowing what to do, what to buy, what to expect, and how to navigate from

 planning, through permitting, to occupancy is what Metro Consultation means.

          Thirty Years of Getting it Right is Thirty Years of Doing it Right

                                                 give us a call.

  Note: Florida Statue section 718.112 (2)(l) addresses fire sprinkler retrofit  of "High Rise" Condos

                                         Deadline dates for action begin December 31, 2016.

   Call Metro for a consultation and explanation how your association is affected and the options you have

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