Metro Fire Protection Services,Inc




  US Department of Transportation (DOT Facility) :

  registered with DOT in re-qualifying of low pressure and high pressure cylinders

  Metro is required by the DOT to have an approved third party inspection of the

  facility, verify records, and


 Metro Pressure Tests -

  •  fire system cylinders
  •  fire extinguishers
  •   scuba tanks
  •  oxygen tanks
  • specially permitted cylinders
  • high pressure life raft bottles
  • commercial carbon dioxide cylinders
  • residential carbon dioxide cylinders

Metro's In-House facility

provides fast turnaround

on your extinguisher needs.


We will pick up your devices,

furnish loaner extinguishers,

professionally service and

refill all brands, then return

the re-qualified cylinders

on an average of three days


Our facilities coupled with

experienced techs provide our South Florida customers with superior extinguisher and suppression services, testing, and training for

commercial, industrial and residential needs


Metro Fire Protection Services, Inc.

1501 SE Decker Ave -  Unit 522

  Stuart, Florida 34994

(772) 288-0615

 (888) 297-0615  Fax: (772) 288-5122

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