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  •  a collection of equipment combines water and a foam concentrate into an aerated solution

 Foam System

  •  designs for various delivery systems including wet pipe, dry pipe, preaction, deluge, spray
  •  used for special applications  associated with high challenge fires of power plants, hangers,      flammable liquid storage tanks, and chemical processing facilities

Designing, installing, testing, and maintenance of foam sprinkler systems

         requires expert understanding of the needs and applications

                    for the control of highly hazardous materials.

 Systems include: valves, released by hydraulic, pneumatic,or electric activation;

 proportioner to introduce the foam concentrate into the water;

 listed bladder tanks for storage;

 piping compatible with the foam used,

 the foam concentrate, AFFF - Synthetic Aqueous Film Forming Foam

 sprinklers approved and sized to meet the application,

 as well as a number of special requirements of NFPA 11, 13, and 16.

required periodic tests and maintenance by fully experienced technicians



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