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  • Quality Installation

      best assurance of a trouble free system

Member of the FM Global Group

  • Quality Components

        best assurance of a long service life

Authorized Dealer

 Fire Alarms and Fire Sprinklers are for the Life of the Building

 and must be 100% operational  -  100% of the time !

   Initial investments are costly, monitoring and inspections fees are a given,

                       and periodic recurring maintenance is required by code

 That is why Quality Installation, Quality Components, and a Quality Track Record

of the fire protection equipment and installation company is paramount from day one

     The basis of many service issues can be traced to the original installation

                   especially difficult to pin point issues as the system ages

     Unlike ordinary electrical wiring, modern fire alarm wire needs to carry clean,

    uninhibited DATA in constant communication with the central processing unit

  Sprinkler systems are hydraulically calculated and alarms are dedicated computers

Installers of the 21st Century need to be current on their knowledge, versatile

in its application, confident of individual abilities, and dedicated to quality work



Installations certified by FM Approvals means every wire run, every device installed, and every service performed is "by the book" (NFPA 72), no exceptions, no excuses, no problem

                      Not all installations are required to be Certificated

        That's the no problem part, Metro only has one way to install systems

           Certificated or non-certificated, " by the book " is the norm at Metro

    Quality Components from Honeywell - either by Notifier Authorized Dealer

     status or Firelite over the counter distributor sales, as well as specially selected custom application systems by design, Metro uses the best to ensure

  long life and reliable performance on all its installations and repair services

And with over 30 years of reputation to preserve, and build upon, we care

 about creating a long term/building life span type of quality relationship

         because at Metro Fire Protection everyone knows

 "Life Safety Matters"

 Metro Protection

Metro Fire Protection Services, Inc.

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