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  • Selected by Metro  ***
  • Certified by U.L.     *.
  • Approved by FM     **

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                 * Certified by U.L. - Underwriter's Laboratories is approved by OSHA to conduct

                                   safety testing. Rapid Response is "Listed" by UL to have met established

                                   performance and recording criteria.

UL is one of several companies, know as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL), approved to perform safety testing by OSHA, an agency of the Department of Labor


                             Metro Fire Protection is Certified by FM Approval to install Certificated Systems.

                             FM Approval is the largest tester of consumer goods in the world.


                            Both UL and FM Approval conduct annual audits of their clients to ensurestrictcompliance

** Approved by FM - Factory Mutual is another heavyweight NRTL. FM has been testing

  fire preventive devices from the property loss perspective since 1886, the first dedicated

  to the testing of fire protection devices, a true pioneer in the field of fire safety.

National Fire Protection Association publishes the Standards that jurisdictions adopt as official Fire Codes.   UL,FM, as well as insurance providers, federal, state and local governments, all require "listed" fire equipment to be installed, tested, inspected, serviced, repaired and monitored according to NFPA Standards.


UL and FM conduct third party inspections to see the inspectors are inspecting, the monitors are monitoring, spare parts are at the ready, the records tell a complete story,

and the whole operation is done just as the NFPA standard specifies

a bit about MONITORING - the transmission of a change in the status of the alarm panel to an approved central receiving station where these signals are processed and responders notified.

How the signals are handled, time frames, power reliabilities and backups, record storage, and even the building itself are all requirements mandated by code. It is the responsibility of the Central Station to meet or exceed these requirements without compromise.

Most alarm companies use a third party contracted service meeting these requirements certified by testing agencies such as U.L.   "In House" central stations are privately owned by the large corporations (e.g. Wal-Mart, ADT) and are for cost control advantages, not quality control.

Contracted service is very professional, very controlled, and very reliable. These receiving stations only contract with licensed alarm contractors. Independent receiving services allow for competitive pricing, start-of-the-art technology, targeted personnel, and dedicated singleness of purpose.

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*** Selected by Metro -  Metro chose Rapid Response to be

        our signal receiving partner for all the right reasons :

  • Uncompromising Security - your information, and ours, is locked down
  • Unparalleled Response Time - measured as the fastest available
  • Unending Training - professional, highly qualified personnel
  • Unfailing Redundancy - state of the art technology backup
  • Unmatched Service - help is always there, always friendly,  always
  • Unrivaled Information Access - the APP is where its at, so easy!
  • Monitoring Center - call central station, request alarm cancel,  dispatch, service
  • Panel Status - displays current panel status: Active/Canceled/on Test, etc
  • Account Test - place account ON/OFF test from your smart device or desktop
  • Event History - display every signal received, and every operator action


  • Account Information - view phone number to system status, display map
  • Contacts - display contact details, phones, emails, and in what order
  • Passcodes - view passwords

           (authority level protected)

  • Schedules - see when events occur such as opening/closing times, recurring tests
  • Zones - displays zone information such as location, type of device & definitions
  • Equipment - model numbers, date in service, communication means, format
  • Settings - date format, push  notifications
  • About - displays current app version

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