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  Note: Florida Statue section 718.112 (2)(l) addresses fire sprinkler retrofit  of "High Rise" Condos

                                         Deadline dates for action begin December 31, 2016.

   Call Metro for a consultation and explanation how your association is affected and the options you have

  Fire Sprinkler changes are costly, messy, and time consuming

 Metro's in-house design and permitting professionals, on-site pipe

 fabrication, extensive stock of parts, modern equipment, and well

 qualified personnel are key to cost control, job site management,

 and completing difficult work on schedule, on budget, on target.

   Metro is ready when you need it Done Right and Done Now


 "Our team recognizes

 when leasing and improving

 commercial space, time is



 Build-out delays can be costly

 so we have devoted an entire

 and separate service branch

 specializing in the design,

 permitting, and execution of

 fire sprinkler relocation jobs,

 and other modifications, to

 existing fire sprinkler systems"

            DK Crawford, Managing Partner

     Retro Fit of Existing Systems


   Knowledge - Experience - Planning


 Metro Fire Sprinkler Delivers

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