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Residential fire's can be life threatening and we all want to protect our loved ones.

Cooking fires are the #1 cause of home fires and home fire injuries.

It is estimated that over 12 million home cooking fires go unreported causing 640,000 injuries annually.


22% of all home fires are cooking related, fires strike 1 out of every 6 kitchens annually.


33,000 kitchen fires occur everyday.


Metro Fire Protection use state of art technology by Guardian Safety Solutions International Inc.

Leading the way in residential Fire Suppression System's,

The GUARDIAN III Electronic Residential Fire Suppression System is that technology.

The GUARDIAN III Electronic Residential Fire Suppression System has been around for many years.


When a stove-top fire occurs,the sensor(s) will activate at a pre-determined temperature,notifying the main CPU board to discharge the extinguishers wet agent while simultaneously activating the CPU mounted alarm.


Upon system activation,the gas or electricity to the stove is shut off to prevent re-ignition of the fire.

This is UL Listed system can also be wired into an existing alarm panel to show activation.

  Metro Suppression Systems and Service


  Quality Design and Installation Now

          Reduces Mishaps Later

       Ensures  Protection  Always


Practical Design by Experience

  •  Best head positioning for effective discharge
  •  Easy access to equipment to be cleaned
  •  Environmentally friendly

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