Metro Fire Protection Services,Inc


   Tests & Inspections

Inspectors are state approved, third party certified, and trained to perform

What makes Metro special is the ability to adapt its procedures and schedule to meet your needs as a whole,

  Bar coding all devices insure complete inspections, and timely reporting

  to maintain compliance, cut costs, eliminate paperwork, and enhance accuracy

Subscribers who also have Metro Monitoring Services for their Fire Alarm benefit by

  having one all inclusive site visit for Testing and Inspections of both the fire alarm

      and the fire sprinkler systems by the same cross-certified inspection team

            Fire Bells and Smoke Detectors               Fire Pumps and Flow Switches

               Hydrants and Standpipes                         Batteries and Back-flows

Every Device Tested        Every Sprinkler Inspected         Every Valve Exercised

    Metro Fire Protection and Building Reports - Partners in Compliance

                   Building Reports Services Description

Powered by Building Reports digital reporting and unique bar coding technology,

Metro Fire Protection, Inc. delivers accurate and comprehensive inspections

     fully documented in compliance with all standards and requirements.

   Third Party Verification ensures verifiable, trusted inspection results

   Your inspection report is delivered in real time, securely stored on-line

            Results are instantly retrievable 24/7 from any location


         Metro Fire provides device specific reports with more detail

         than any other system, including :

             - Executive Summary with inspection overview

             - Colored Inspection Status Tags for immediate one-look indication

             - Discrepancy Report showing manufacturer recalls and notifications

             - Proposed Solutions with pricing and repair authorization

             - Date/Time of test verification displayed for accountability

             - Inventory & Warranty report, with model and installation dates


                Metro makes it easy for you to stay in Compliance

just login, review your report, authorize repairs,

and have a 5 year audit trail

                No More Paperwork - No More Worries

                   Inspection Reports at your fingertips to satisfy:

        Code Enforcement - Insurance Providers - Facility Managers

and with the new QR sticker on the panel only a smart phone is needed

to instantly access your records for review by authorities and personnel

"the most trusted name in compliance reporting"

Metro Fire Protection Services, Inc.

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